A River Runs Through It


Hampton and Richmond Borough

Also the former home to Chelsea Ladies FC, as well as a polling station during elections, Hampton and Richmond’s 3,500 capacity Beveree Stadium has an ancient stream flowing underneath which leads to the Thames. It is thought that this could have seen beavers around the area, hence the nearby Beaver Close and the club adopting the animal as their nickname.

Hampton and Richmond changed their name in 1999 to better signify the areas they represent, which includes Twickenham, Teddington and Whitton as well as Hampton and Richmond. They are the only senior club to represent these areas.

Co-writer of Steptoe and Son Alan Simpson is a supporter of the club, and television personality Paul Merton says he has been to numerous matches. Venezuelan actor Santiago Cabrera, famous for appearing in television series such as Merlin, Heroes and The Three Musketeers, played for the club in the late ’90s.

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